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When did we start having fear around food?

//When did we start having fear around food?

When did we start having fear around food?

Written by J. Muenz

When did we decide that food was our enemy? How did this happen? It definitely didn’t happen overnight. It happens at a young age, a mid-life crisis, an article written for teenage girls, a diet we’re put on from a doctor or a quick fix to drop 5 before a vacation.

I’m heading on a trip soon and I wanted to share how my pre-trip days used to go:

  • Work out as much as possible (2 power vinyasa yoga classes + a 3-6 mile speed walk daily).
  • Eat barely anything – usually lots of lettuce, tons of water, veggie patty, salmon + half a protein bar.
  • See if I could weigh below 130 and if I did, congratulate myself + validate my worth.
  • Go spray tanning, get my nails done, take a trip to the eyebrow waxer + make sure everything was “perfect” before taking off.

Just writing that exhausts me.

I was raised in a house where beauty was never the spotlight. My Mom told me constantly how she preferred me sans makeup. If I had eyeshadow on, my Dad would ask, “What’s with all that stuff on your face?”

I didn’t understand the value of that kind of message, but now I do and I feel really freakin’ lucky.

4 years ago, when I dropped 20 pounds for good, it wasn’t on a crash diet or an effort to lose weight for a trip or important event. I was 26, had suffered from an eating disorder in private for WAY TOO LONG and was over trying to lose weight. I was going the opposite route. I was throwing my middle finger up to the sky with an F YOU attitude and was doing what I pleased. That resulted in a sugar addiction and an even worse depression. I lost control because I didn’t want to be in control anymore. I didn’t want food to circle my head anymore. I didn’t want to count calories and obsess over how fat I felt. I LOVED my curves, but I wasn’t comfortable in my body.

I realized that I needed help, so I hired a Health Coach to get me on track again. I stressed to her the importance of wanting to be healthy and never wanting to be on a diet again. She helped me identify my worth and weight ideals and how f’ed up that really was. When did it start? How else can you nourish your body?

When I’m speaking to clients now, I put myself in their shoes. The fearful shoes. The shoes that say, “If you lose weight, you will fail, so what is the point?”

If that’s where you are at, I am you and you are me. And you WILL make it out alive. Don’t think you have to do everything on your own. We reach out for what we can’t do (yet) and we get help.

Here’s the help I have: business coach, virtual assistant, graphic designer, dentist, naturopath, detox specialist, health coach, doctor, trainer, etc.

You can’t do everything on your own + you are not supposed to!

Yes, it can be costly, but nothing and I repeat NOTHING is more important than your health. If you are going to invest in anything, make it your health. Trips and clothes are awesome, but you can go on any or dress up if you don’t have the energy or the confidence and both of those come from having AMAZING HEALTH!