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Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy
Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy

Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy is a: Starting Strength Coach, Mother of 4 children, Wife, Sister, Lifelong athlete, Holistic Nutrition Nerd, Macro-Junkie, and Conditioning Guru. She has been a part of the Health and Fitness industry for 17 years (and counting) and plans on remaining a relevant part of the industry for as long as humanly possible.

She has tried many of the fads in the fitness industry in her journey from a fit and active child, to a heavy and active teen, to a stronger and more fit woman who loves the amazing body that has carried her through this life so far. She has found that the absolute BEST way to be fit and maintain a healthy body weight is to TRAIN not exercise and GET STRONGER. No one ever said they were “too strong”.

Anna Marie is a Starting Strength Coach. This certification is the most difficult certification to obtain in the fitness industry. It requires many hours of practical, hands-on, barbell training and instruction, a background heavy in the hard sciences (Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Chemistry), demonstration to a panel of SS coaches at a Starting Strength seminar that you can execute and coach the main lifts, and a minimum 25 page essay question exam that you must pass with 80% or better.

Anna Marie is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Gig Harbor Strength and Fitness. She runs beginner, advanced-beginner, and intermediate classes and programming in either on-going or 8-week cycles. She teaches the 8 week beginner and advanced beginner classes 4 times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) where you will learn the 5 main barbell lifts and how to properly utilize them in your training program (beginner) or where you will continue in your Novice training with personal adjustments made as the need arises (advanced beginner). Her programming option is for the Intermediate lifter who needs a more personalized program depending on their sport, life, hobbies, etc.

Anna Marie knows that barbell training can be intimidating to many people, but she also knows how to scale all the major compound movements to fit your particular place in your fitness journey as well as find appropriate accessory movements to get you to the place you want to be. She has battled with her weight, self-image, body-love, and self-esteem like many people out there and wants you to know she can HELP YOU!
Come in and see her! You won’t regret it!

Dimitri Melnyk
Dimitri Melnyk

After my divorce, I took a look in the mirror and did not recognize who I was looking at. I weighed well over four hundred pounds and was very unhappy. After much debate, finally, I walked into the doors of my local gym and thankfully changed my life. During my fitness journey, I lost over a hundred thirty pounds, 3  shirt sizes and four pant sizes.

I learned a great deal about who I was. I  found myself again.During that time I decided to become a personal trainer to help other people of all ages and fitness levels accomplish the same and if not better goals than I did.. basically give back what fitness gave to me which was a second chance at a better life.

I have been fortunate enough in my young career as a Personal Trainer to work with individuals ranging in age from 14 years to 101 years old. I find that the most rewarding work I do comes from helping our elderly community. Anybody can train an athlete or a younger adult.  But you give mobility, balance, and strength back to a 100-year-old with a walker and you’ve made a massive impact on their life… Age is but a number. Strength… well strength is UNIVERSAL!

Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle has been my goal and the main focus for the last 4 years. I first came into Gig Harbor strength and fitness in late 2016. The gym was new and different from any other gym I had been in, I knew immediately this is where I wanted to train.

Soon after starting I was introduced to a few people looking for help with their training. After a few months with a couple different clients, I have realized that watching people overcome their internal struggles along with physical limitations is more rewarding than any amount of money. The quality of one’s life can be improved so dramatically through simple movements, a healthy diet and the will to do so. I’m making it my goal to help as many people as I can reach a higher quality of life.

Strength is Universal

Nobody ever said, “I’m too Strong”